Tokyo -- A Vast City of Lights and Dreams

Tokyo is the world's largest city. It's intense. I got a chance to visit Shibuya, the "Times Square" of Tokyo. At night the place blazes with lights. There are people everywhere. Amazing traditional Japanese restaurants can be found anywhere (of course, Wendy's and Starbucks abound as well).

The people are orderly, polite, and respectful. They are also ultra-modern and quite aware of themselves and the world. I feel privileged to be here. Besides my Japanese contacts here, a Chicana friend from the San Francisco Bay Area, Favianna Rodriguez, is also here. A well-known artist, Favianna has visited Japan many times.

I hope to get to know more of this fascinating city and other parts of Japan until I return home on November 26.

Unfortunately, my friends Quetzal Flores and Martha Gonzales, as well as David Gomez, have already left. I had a great couple of days with them, having joined them at the end of their promotional jaunt here for Barrio Gold Records.

While I had to deal with a cold and jet lag, I'm doing much better now (there's a 15 hour time difference between Tokyo and Los Angeles). I'm eager to get around and know more about this great culture and country.

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