Time for Peace and Balance

Peru has been so vital for me these days. Even with the layered world we find in places like Qosqo, where indigenous, colonial Spanish, Catholism, and the modern world integrate, collide, and create something new. We spent Christmas day taking a rest to prepare for our medicine ceremonies for the next three days. We did get a chance to visit the Plaza de Armas, which appeared so peaceful, with Christmas-themed decorations in lights. Most of the last couple of nights have been loud with firecrackers and mortars.

At one restaurant off the plaza, overlooking one of several cathedrals around the plaza, we got a chance to hear a wonderful Peruvian band with the flutes, drums, charangos (small stringed instrument), and more. They also included four dancers who did wonderful dances from various regions of this complex land.

One Italian tourist couple got in trouble -- the woman fainted, most likely from the attitude. But Dona was in our group, and she provided some strong indignous medicine and touch. A bottle of concentrated muna was used to revive the young lady. After a while, the woman got well and they thanked us for intervening.

I have prayers this season like all such seasons -- everyone talks about peace and joy during these times. But it is shallow once we realize the reality of war, poverty, disenchantment, and social inequities. We have now lost as many US soldiers in Iraq as the number of people who were killed on 9/11 (and tens of thousands more of Iraq and Afghanistan citizens). Still, I send prayers of peace, balance, harmony, and abundance for everyone. Still we must help re-thread and re-imagine this world.

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