The Dream of Machu Picchu

The interesting thing about many of the old Quechan cultures in Peru, including the one most people called "Inca," is that most of their cities, temples, and ceremonial sites were created in the shape of animals -- the llama, the puma, the crocodile, the condor, and so on. Most of this can only be seen from the air (or a high point in a far off location). They also found natural formations that resembled these animals and created temples and often cities around them.

Yesterday, our group visited the Sacred Valley and other sacred sites and did an amazing ceremony below the natural formation of a condor in Ollantaytambo. We also did songs and prayers in the heights of Pizaq. In the evening, we took a train ride, filled with back-packing European and US travelers, to Aguas Calientes, in the foot of Machu Picchu.

We also learned that in most of these sites tourists are most welcomed, but native peoples doing ceremonies often are not. Even film crews (one doing a beer commercial ended up knocking off a piece of important stone in Machu Picchu) have been allowed, and for a while helicopters bringing in politicians and royalty (once from Spain) used to land in the main open field in Machu Picchu before the government stopped the practice -- it was endangering the surrounding structures.

But if an unofficial Quechan group or other spiritual group wants to do sacred ceremonies, even simple ones, they are spotted and chased away. This happened to us yesterday at one of the sites. It's a shame -- the tourist aspect is quite prevalent and consumer oriented.

Still, we stayed focused on our visions, our dreams, our intentions, and our healing.

Today's trek to Machu Picchu was a dream come true for me. I had to stop many times just to take it all in. We also managed a long walk around the edge of a mountain with nothing but air, plants and cliffs to the side of us to visit an Incan bridge. It's truly an amazing place, especially if you come with the spiritual connections and healing this land is so capable of being for anyone who seeks it.

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