Save the Arts in Los Angeles

The LA City Department of Cultural Affairs provides grants to organizations and individuals to maintain arts creation, presentation, festivals, education, and delivery. It's the main source of neighborhood arts development, sorely lacking in this city that touts itself as the "Entertainment Capital of the World." Now, in the midst of the current city budget crisis, proposals are underfoot to undercut the main way the DCA gets its funding--the one percent from the tourist tax dollars from hotels in LA. Members of the City Council's Budget & Finance Committee has apparently signed off on this proposal, which is slated to be heard by the whole council on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 10 AM. I urge anyone who loves the arts, in particular for whatever neighborhood arts exists, to come to this meeting and speak on behalf of the Department of Cultural Affairs. You can also send a letter to your councilmember to insist they oppose any cuts in the funding source for DCA and the arts. Here's a response from Arts for LA to assist in this important effort: URGENT CALL TO ACTION The arts in Los Angeles are in crisis and they need your voice. The City of Los Angeles Budget and Finance Committee has put forward a motion to eliminate the Department of Cultural Affairs' dedicated source of revenue. Voice your support to maintain the only dedicated revenue source for neighborhood art and culture in the City of Los Angeles.  Take two minutes and send your city council member an email. Remind your Council Member that the arts: Make money Attract tourists Attract businesses Arts, like parks, are for everyone This motion will go before Council for a vote this Wednesday, February 3rd. Show the City Council the power of the arts community. Attend the Council meeting and provide public comment. We need to remind Council of just how important the arts are to Los Angeles. Please forward this information to your friends and networks and post it on Facebook to encourage others to take action.  Send a Letter. c/s

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