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I've had an amazing week as guest host of the "Front Page" with Dominique DiPrima on KJLH, 102.3 FM. I'm honored to be invited again (this is my second time as a weeklong guest host this year) on one of LA's most venerable radio stations--based in Inglewood/South Central LA/Compton communities and owned by the incomparable Stevie Wonder.

I thank Dominique DiPrima for being such a gracious person and having me return to one of LA's leading African American talk shows. We had a fantastic array of guests--including ex-prisoner writers Ronald Winston, Donna Ann Smith-Marshall and Nyerere Jase; financial advisor Joseph Meyer of Meyer & Associates; gang intervention specialists Stan Muhammad and George Avalos of Venice 2000 and Julian Mendoza of Amer-I-Can; and Rev. Jesse Jackson (by phone). The callers were engaged, poignant and often challenging. What a great listener base this show has! And I'm talking early in the morning--the show starts at 4:30 AM and goes to around 6 AM.

Dominique says at least 30,000 people are listening at that time--insomniacs, graveyard workers, early risers, you name it. We also had a lively Hot Topic Tuesday in which listeners and the hosts can discuss any and all topics. We dealt with Black/Brown conflicts, Barack Obama, reparations, the housing crisis, schools, police abuse, gangs, economic empowerment, and more.

And today, Day of the Dead 2007, Dominique and I discussed the value of honoring and respecting our ancestors, those who have passed on and can still be accessed to provide protection, guidance and connection. While Western Culture tends to belittle or make this subject one with dread and fear (Halloween, ghosts, goblins, etc.), most indigenous cultures from Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Mideast, or Europe understand this concept and use the remembrance of those who have passed on for positive long-term and short-term assistance.

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