Please give to Rodriguez for California Governor Campaign

We are two weeks away from the June 3 California primary elections. The Green Party of California has endorsed candidates for Secretary of State (David Curtis), Treasurer (Ellen Brown), Controller (Laura Wells), and Lt. Governor (Jen Goodman). As many of you know, I am the officially endorsed Green Party candidate for governor. There are also many local Green Party candidates on the ballot. Please vote Green. Here is a link to a crowd-funding campaign where you can donate to the Rodriguez for Governor campaign (please also spread the word): We aim to be the second-highest vote getter after Governor Brown. Presently Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is the second-highest vote getter in the polls. Donnelly is a Tea Party member, a Minuteman and known racist. We can't let him set the parameters of the debates with Brown through the November elections. I am the most qualified and passionate candidate to challenge Governor Brown and the status quo on the issues that matter. To find out more go to: campaignslogan2014

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