Our family is safe and at home

Fires continue to burn north of Los Angeles—this morning the Porter Ranch/Granada Hills fires had consumed 9000 acres (by Friday it burned through 13,300 acres). Meanwhile our family is safe and at home. Yesterday we packed our valuables in case of an evacuation as the Marek Fire consumed 4800 acres in the communities around Lake View Terrace (where Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural is located), Sylmar and San Fernando. Around 40 units in Sky Terrace Mobile Home Park were destroyed as well as some larger warehouses and multiple big rigs. We’re grateful that Tia Chucha’s is in good shape as well as our community. However, we pray for those who lost their homes and the one homeless man who died in the blaze.

One of those who lost their home is a student of our Son Jarocho classes at Tia Chucha's--many prayers go to her and her family.

Today the Marek fire was largely contained. We had bad quality air for a while—which almost got the family to leave last night anyway, but with fans in all the rooms we did okay. Today’s air was much better, but the big fires west of us would probably affect the general quality of air in the LA area for days to come.

We thank you all for the good wishes and prayers sent our way.

I’m writing this in the JFK Airport in New York City, on my way to Syracuse. I’ll be speaking tomorrow at Colgate University. I just wanted to update all my friends on the fires. Be safe and well.

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