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This week, beginning today, I'm honorary co-host again with Dominique DiPrima on the "Front Page" talk show, KJLH-FM Radio, 102.3. For you early birds, please tune in from 4:30 AM until 6 AM every day this week until Friday morning. Today we had as guests Dr. David Horne and Jasmyne Channick, leading political thinkers and activists in the African American community. Tuesday morning is "Hot Topic Tuesday," where we'll address any and all issues (within the allotted time for the show). I value this time with the Front Page family, and find that the listeners, even at that early hour, are always sharp and engaging. I'm also featured in a new book about US roots music from the London-based publisher Serpent's Tail. The book is called "More Miles Than Money: Journeys Through American Music." Written by Garth Cartwright, this book explores the foundations of American music with intimate visits in the ghettos, barrios, poor white enclaves, and Native American reservations where much of this music was created, pushed out, and often still played to loving audiences. Garth has an eye for the spirit of places, people, and, of course, music. His previous book was about the Roma/Gypsy music of the Balkans region called "Princes Amongst Men: Journeys with Gypsy Musicians." I'm still busy finishing my newest book, a memoir, that's supposed to be done by November 1. I'm working day and night on this, despite my other work and writing projects. It's coming together fine. I won't say what this is about just yet. Touchstone Books/Simon & Schuster is the publisher. Right now it's slated for release in late 2010 or early 2011. And, if this weren't enough, I'm co-coordinator of a lowrider show for the Guadalajara International Book Fair with Denise Sandoval of Cal-State University, Northridge. Denise has put together the cars--three of them, such as the famous "Orgullo Mexicano," "Twilight Zone," and "Blue Velvet." Estevan Oriol, the king of lowrider photography, is also going with us (as are the owners of the other cars). Estevan is directing a 10 to 15 minute video of the history of lowriding and on those three cars to be shown at the book fair. We received funding from the LA City Department of Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts to present these amazing works of art. The City of LA is honored guest this year at the largest Spanish-language book festival in the world. I'll also be doing panels, readings, a Chicano encuentro, and will be on hand to sell Tia Chucha Press books, during the duration of the book fair—from November 25 to December 8. If all goes well, Trini will join me for part of this trip to help with TCP book sales and presentations. I then go to Puebla, Mexico to visit with friends for a couple of days. We'll try to present more on the lowriders and Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural presence on our website in the near future. Go to www.tiachucha.com to find out more. Remember to visit the website www.WeAreAlex.org to find out how to help community leader Alex Sanchez. Alex is being held in federal custody on trumped up federal charges of conspiracy and murder. Founder of Homies Unidos and a long-time gang prevention/intervention expert, Alex has widespread community support. I urge anyone who wants to seek a fair trial for Alex to get involved. His next court hearing will be to determine bail and is slated for October 19, 2009. And for those interested in the continuing campaign for a Comprehensive Neighborhood Arts Policy for the City of Los Angeles, you can read our statements and draft policy at www.napolicy.com. c/s

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