New Energy, New Ideas--a Way Out of Crisis

The capitalist system is coming undone. But it will try to hang on as much as it can--driven by the most bare-faced profit motive. It's greed that greases the cogs and wheels of this system. And the Republic Party, and more than a few Democrats, are trying to surround President Obama with as much obstacles and challenges so that the Government works for them, meeting their profit interests--and not for the interests of the majority of people who need decent work, housing, health care, school, and more.

The issue of government as always been not about big or little government, nor even that government works, but for whom does it work for.

I would venture to say this is looking more and more like real class conflict. I also have to say President Obama is caught in the middle. He's fighting for change, which is on the side of the most Americans. But he's also needing to appease some extremely old and powerful forces.

It's important that the American people become more aware of the issues, the root causes, the real basis of the crisis so that we can assist any real change that Obama will try to implement. Government will have to be for the people. It cannot be an instrument of the large corporations and their lobbyists. Something I've seen Obama try to rectify lately.

Many people may lose hope as we continue on, but it's going to be a difficult and long process. I see Obama trying to set an end to the Iraq war, to get the major lobbyists restricted, to begin the universal health care ball rolling, to also fight for an economic stimulus for jobs. And already, the barricades are being put up by the Republicans and the corporate interests.

We have to keep organizing, writing letters, editorials, and more to keep the pressure on--we want real change. We have to keep organizing ourselves if this change is going to happen or not happen.

Organizing effectively for change should be part of this whole concept of "change." Otherwise it's lip service again.

That's my thoughts for today. I also want to announce that Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural continues this week painting, putting up walls, and other preparation in our new space at the Sylmar Plaza on Hubbard & Gladstone in Sylmar. A number of volunteers have already given of their time. Once the new site has all the walls painted and the floor done, we will pack and begin moving from our current space. This will happen in February.

However, we continue with programming at our current space until this Saturday, January 31. This is when we have the last event at the current Tia Chucha's: The 20th Anniversary of Tia Chucha Press reading with Susan D. Anderson, Luivette Resto, and yours truly, Luis Rodriguez. The event starts at 2 PM. Please get more information at


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