My story on NBC Nightly News

On Friday, Jan. 1, 2010, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams broadcast a short segment on my life and work. NBC has made that broadcast available from their website in three parts - with additional footage. The three video streams are presented here with the titles provided by NBC. If for technical reasons you cannot see the videos, simply follow the links to the NBC website. Part 1 - Luis J. Rodriguez: New chapter for gang member turned author. Click here to view at NBC website. Part 2 - East Los Angeles gang member and notable author Luis Rodriguez takes us to the heart of L.A.'s gang territory and discusses life in the barrio. Click here to view at NBC website. Part 3 - Rodriguez's son Ramiro discusses the mistakes he's made in his life and how's its affected his relationship with his father. Click here to view on NBC website.

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