Father's Day 2011

For the first time in almost fifteen years, I will be celebrating Father's Day with my oldest son Ramiro out of a cellblock. He was released last summer from prison following thirteen-and-a-half years from his last conviction (he's also had almost two years in prison with two other convictions). I must say how proud I am of Ramiro--he's now out of gangs and crime, and working hard to stay decent, strong, and socially active in a positive way. Friday was also Ramiro's 36th birthday. Here is a link to a piece I wrote for Fox News Latino on this (although, incredibly, they spelled my name wrong!) I also want to give my love and thanks to my other children--my daughter Andrea, 34, my sons Ruben, 22, and Chito (he turns 17 later this month). They are the greatest joys any father can have.  So far they've also given me four fantastic grandchildren--Ricardo, Anastasia, Amanda, and Catalina. I love them all. I'm blessed this Father's Day to be stronger and healthier than last year, with such a wonderful family. c/s

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