Class warfare playing out on TV

Class warfare is being played out in Congress and on media briefings with Trump. The Congress battled whether the stimulus bill should be used more to bail out corporations, lenders, and the wealthy--or more to support those who need this the most: the poor, whether working or otherwise. And Trump is going against medical and scientific advice to try and get the economy going again by Easter. He'd like to see the stock market rise up again and the unemployment numbers plummet because this makes him "look good" as he faces reelection. But we're in the middle of a world-wide pandemic! The choices appear to be either our health or someone else's wealth. Either our overall benefit or Trump's. This is the scarcity issues capitalism always pushes--we can't seem to keep an economy going and keep everyone safe. Who sets things up like that? Capitalism is the greatest wealth-producing system in history, but it's also the most unequal. This is endemic to the system. How come the health index is not more important than the Dow Index? We must challenge such a system. This crisis is revealing the holes in the body politic as well as the economy. It's unveiling the emptiness at the center of power and wealth. A society that can't take care of its people during crisis--or even when not in crisis--cannot continue to rule. The rulers--regardless of party--have become feeble (even as they go crazy hanging on to power). Who needs them? Time for new visions, new leaders, new ways of thinking. Time for a system whose aim is the well being of everyone, not how much wealth the few can accumulate at the expense of the rest of us. We must learn. Dream big. Then organize. Mark my words--this is not going to get better in their hands. But in our hands--give us the "hammer and nails" and we will rebuild this world. There's an economy worth fighting for!

While reading this, please listen to my poem "Civilization" with the music of Italy's famed Hip Hop artist Flycat from 1998:



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    I would need more details on specific shows or situations you feel demonstrate class warfare on television in order to provide a substantive response or critique. There are rarely clear villains or heroes when examining complex social stratification.
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    It’s time for a system where people’s pleasure comes first rather than how much money a small number of people can extract from the rest of us.
  • shanas lama
    commented 2023-03-26 20:33:22 -0700
    It’s time for a system whose primary concern is people’s happiness rather than how much money a select few can make off the rest of us. Our group needs to educate itself. Aim high.
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