In around 30 years, Luis has published eight poetry collections with Tia Chucha Press, Curbstone Books, and C&C Press (those from C&C Press are limited edition, hand-made art books) as well as two memoirs, two children's books, a novel, a short story collection, and a nonfiction book on gang intervention and urban peace. His other books have been published by Touchstone Books/Simon & Schuster, Rayo Books/HarperCollins, Lee & Low Books, Seven Stories Press, and Curbstone Books.



Poems Across the Pavement

1989, Tia Chucha Press

ISBN 0-9624287-0-1

Distributor: Northwestern Univ. Press


The Concrete River

1991, Curbstone Press

ISBN 0-915306-42-5

Distributor: Consortium 



1998, Curbstone Press

ISBN 1-880684-50-0

Distributor: Consortium 



His poems have also been featured in: In Their Own Voices: A Century of Recorded Poetry (1996 Rhino/Word Beat Records) and in anthologies such as Bum Rush The Page: A Def Poetry Jam, edited by Tony Medina and Louis Reyes Rivera (2001 Three Rivers Press) and The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, edited by Alan Kaufman (1999 Thunder's Mouth Press). 


My Nature is Hunger

Publisher: Rattle/Curbstone Edition

Release Date: 2005

ISBN: 9781931896245


Borrowed Bones 

New Poems from the

Poet Laureate of Los Angeles

ISBN: 978-0-8101-3364-8

Contributors: Luis Rodriguez (Author) Martín Espada (Author)Publication

Date: April 2016




 Luis Rodriguez is best known for the true-life account of LA gang life,

Always Running:La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A. (1994 Simon & Schuster/Touchstone).


Always Running:

La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A.

Hardcover: 1993, Curbstone Press

ISBN 1-880684-06-3

Paperback: 1994

Touchstone Books/Simon & Schuster

ISBN 0-671-88231-7




El Testimonio de un Pandillero en Los Angeles

1998, Spanish audiocassette

ISBN 1-892603-01-2

Distributor: Audio Libros del Mundo, Inc.

ISBN 0-684-81551-6









As a prolific and critically received multi-genre writer, Luis also has two illustrated children's books, a novel, a nonfiction book, and a short story collection.



America Is Her Name

Children's Book, 1998,

Curbstone Press

ISBN 1-880684-40-3

Spanish version

La llaman America

ISBN 1-880684-41-1

Distributor: Consortium



It Doesn't Have To Be This Way:A Barrio Story

1999, Bilingual Children's Book

ISBN 0-89239-161-8

Distributor: Children's Book Press,

(individuals, schools, libraries)

Publishers Group West, (trade/retail market) 


 Non Fiction

Hearts and Hands: Creating Community in Violent Times

Paperback 2001, Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 1-58322-263-4

Distributor: Seven Stories Press

Publishers Group West (trade/retail market)



It Calls You Back

An Odyssey Through Love, Addiction, Revolutions, & Healing

Touchstone Books/Simon & Schuster

ISBN 978-1-4165-84179 






Music of the Mill: A Novel

Paperback: 336 pages

Language: English


ISBN: 978-0060560775

 (individuals, schools, libraries)




The Republic of East L.A.


ISBN 0-06-621263-4

Distributor: HarperCollins

(individuals, schools, libraries)





La Republica de East L.A.

Paperback Spanish version


ISBN 0-06-001162-9

Distributor: HarperCollins

(individuals, schools, libraries)




Other Works Featuring Luis J. Rodriguez


Contemporary Hispanic Americans:

Luis Rodriguez by Michael Schwartz

(biography) 1998 Steck-Vaughn

ISBN 0-8172-6879-0

Distributor: Steck-Vaughn Co.




Making Peace: Youth Struggling for Survival (videocassette -profile #2)

Making Peace television series, 1996ira Productions

Distributor: Films for the Humanities and Sciences,

Lannon Literary Videos:Luis J. Rodriguez (videocassette -profile #31)

1992, Lannon Foundation (free to non-profit institutions)

Distributor: Small Press Distribution Inc.


East Side Stories:

Gang Life in East LA

Photographs by Joseph Rodriguez, interview with Luis Rodriguez

(hardcover photo-essay book)

1998, powerHouse Books

ISBN 1-57687-002-2

paperback: ISBN 1-57687-072-3

Distributor: powerHouse Books


Edited by Luis J. Rodriguez


Power Lines

Poetry Anthology 1999 Tia Chucha Press

ISBN 1882688228



Rushing Waters, Rising Dreams: How the Arts are Transforming a Community

ISBN 978-1-882688-43-2


Denise Sandoval (Editor)

Luis Rodriguez (Author)

Publication Date: April 2012

Categories: African-American Studies; Social Science/Cultural Studies

Page Count: 120 pages 



Always RunningLa Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A.

By: Luis J. Rodríguez

Pub Date: 6/12/2012


Open Road Integrated Media

ISBN: 9781453259085

Category:Biographies and MemoirsSocial 


My Nature Is Hunger New and Selected Poems: 1989–2004

By: Luis J. Rodríguez

Pub Date: 6/12/2012


Open Road Integrated Media

ISBN: 9781453259108

Category: Poetry


The Concrete River

By: Luis J. Rodríguez

Pub Date: 6/12/2012


Open Road Integrated Media

ISBN: 9781453259092

Category: Poetry



By: Luis J. Rodríguez

Pub Date: 6/12/2012


Open Road Integrated Media

ISBN: 9781453259115

Category: Poetry



 image040.jpg  image042.jpg   image044.jpg  image045.jpg


Spoken Word CD

Dos Manos Records proudly presented Luis Rodriguez, a leading Chicano poets his first CD of poems and music. In collaboration with Cha Cha Rose - Rock A Mole Music producer Ernie Perez, My Name's Not Rodriguez became a synthesis of 1970s Urban Funk/Chicano rock-like beats in the spirit of today's performance poetry movement.


The spoken word - poetry of Luis J. Rodriguez

 My Name's Not Rodriguez 

Now in its second printing!

Music Composed & Produced by Ernie Perez

Available online from these fine outlets:


"One of the greatest, if not the greatest, albums of poetry ever recorded"

-Dave Marsh, editor Rock and Rap Confidential

These links below will take you to iTunes.Download LJR's music/poems for just 99 cents!

Luis J. Rodriguez: My Name's Not Rodriguez Luis Rodriguez and Seven Rabbit promise to rock your world -with a poetic twist. 

From Earth to SkyTia Chucha's Centro Cultural Presents a Collection of Word and Song

For More Information, Contact: 

Dos Manos Records c/o Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural | 13197-A Gladstone AvenueSylmar, CA 91342



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