Arizona Considers Bill that would Ban Ethnic Studies and Ethnic-based student organizations

The state of Arizona is facing an insidious bill that would outlaw "dissent" and anything that purportedly criticizes "American Values" or "Western Civilization." As part of the state's Homeland Security bill, Arizona Senate Bill 708, State Senator Russell Pierce added language that in his view would end "race-based" curricula and organizations. Organizations such as MeCha (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) or Black Engineers Students would be forced out of Arizona's schools. Pierce in particular targeted "Raza Studies" (which deals with accomplishments, culture and history of Chicanos and other Latinos). Ethnic-based groups and studies like these would be forced to disband -- anything that Pierce says takes tax dollars.

Since Friday, May 2, Latino USA program of the National Public Radio has had interviews and opinions pieces available on line at Included is a report on Arizona's Senate Bill 708, an interview with Chicano Studies professor & historian Rudy Acuna, and a radio commentary by your humble servant. Sunday evening, May 4, Latino USA will air these on various NPR outlets around the country. In the LA area this will be at 10 PM on KPCC / 89.3 FM. Please tune in.

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