A Letter

I recently received this letter by email, which was an honor to read. I'd like to share it with the rest of us (although with a couple of slight changes).

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,

Having just completed your most beautiful novel (Music of the Mill), I feel compelled and inspired to write you to say you are a timely voice -- not only for your people, but for all of us who cherish the eloquence and commonality of the human spirit. How relevant you are these days when the borders of our so-called American nation have become confounded with thoughts about who is, or is not, American. As you instruct, long before the onslaught of the Europeans, (Native peoples) crisscrossed a borderless land with hope and dreams of equanimity. Funny how those who usurp and uproot can now claim moral outrage. Shock and awe! You have certainly made me a convert to desire the assimilation, not only of current immigrants to this nation, but in the ultimate possibility of an America inclusive and truly diverse. What a voice you are. An awesome writer. I can't wait to read your next book.

Yours Truly,

Bob Rubenstein
Brooklyn, New York

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