Luis On The Air

The week of June 7 to June 11, I'll be back on KJLH-FM's Front Page talk show as an honorary co-host with Dominique DiPrima. It's something I've been doing off and on for about three years. I personally think this is the best talk show on Los Angeles radio. However, you have to get up mighty early--we're on from 4:30 AM until 6 AM. Get it at 102.3. Amazingly there are a lot of LA folk up that early--many on their way to or from work. Also this show is now being video streamed, which means you can watch it anytime after it airs at Just put in the keywords "KJLH Front Page." And we're also going to be on iTunes. Is that cool or what? We'll have guests as well as call-in phone lines (call from any southern California area code: 520-KJLH). The radio station's base has been African American for decades (apparently with growing numbers of Chicano/Central American listeners). The themes run the gamut from the controversial to the benign (mostly controversial and lively). It's always an honor to speak to and hear from the community. c/s

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