Luis J. Rodriguez

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Luis J. Rodriguez
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Luis J. Rodriguez was recently profiled in the Chrisitian Science Monitor along with five other social entrepreneurs around the country. Here's the link to the main story about people who do good, despite all odds. And here's a link on Luis Rodriguez's profile in the same publication.

Also, Luis Rodriguez was recently published in the Opinion Section of the Los Angeles Times on the value of helping young people, particularly those in gangs or tagging crews, with art, mentoring, services, training, jobs, and long-term care instead of injunctions, trying juveniles as adults, or prison.

Luis Rodriguez was selected at Culture Works Collective Artist of the Month. Culture Works Collective is dedicated to integrating art and activism in ways that help unite and inspire people to achieve progressive change.

Los Angeles Daily News reports:
"Tia Chucha's celebrates new location in Sylmar."

Luis J. Rodriguez speaks at Arizona's annual Cesar Chavez Conference
Luis gives a talk at the annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Chico Sol Newspaper
Chico Sol online newspaper from Chico, California wrote this article about Luis J. Rodriguez.

Radio For All: Tookey Williams
A plea for death row prisoner Tookey Williams. An excerpt from a talk given at California State University Channel Islands

Radio For All: My Nature is Hunger
Rodriguez on his life, work and the release of "My Nature is Hunger" and the revised, "Always Running."

OC Weekly
"The Redeemer Speaks," an article about the life and works of Rodriguez.

Los Angeles Magazine
An article about Rodriguez and his book, The Republic of East LA.

The Austin Chronicle
A review of Music of the Mill

Radio station KPFA's, "Hard Knock Radio," show conducted an interview with Rodriguez on August 22, 2005. Hear it at the above link


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