Luis J. Rodriguez

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Tia Chucha's Cafe Cultural
Co-founded by Luis J. Rodriguez. A bookstore, coffee house, art gallery, community center, cyber cafe, and meeting place for the Chicano Arts Renaissance. Visit the website and join the mailing list.

Tia Chucha Press
Founded by Luis J. Rodriguez.

BlogTalkRadio: Featuring Luis J. Rodriguez
"Between the Sheets", Hosted by Stacey Mangiaracina & Roy Johnston, broadcast an interview with Luis J. Rodriguez on June 24, 2008. You can listen in at the above link.

The online journal for Chicano art, culture, and politics. This site hopes to spark your imagination with the finest Chicano poetry, fiction and graphic art coming out of Los Angeles. Luis J. Rodriguez is editor and lead writer for Xispas.

Perceval Press
Perceval Press presents, "Live at Beyond Baroque 2", a live recording of poetry, stories, and music from a performance at the famous Venice, California Literary Center. Features Luis J. Rodriguez and many other talented poets, authors, singers, journalists, and songwriters.
Online poetry radio documentary based in Australia about the World Poetry Festival in Caracas, Venezuela in 2006. It's was done by Michael Ladd, who also performed at the poetry festival, for Poetica/ABC Radio National. It features the various poets who took part, including Luis J. Rodriguez.

C & C Press
Publishers of Luis J. Rodriguez's hand-made poetry artbooks.

For The Students!
A new website in support of the historic 2006 student walkouts for Immigrant Rights.

Mark Vallen
This Los Angeles realist painter and printmaker creates socially conscious artworks for our time. He created the cover art for Luis J. Rodriquez' latest book of poetry, My Nature is Hunger.

Mary Helen Ponce
The website of author, Mary Helen Ponce.

James Lilly - Wheelchair Champion
This is the site for James Lilly, a world-class wheelchair racer. He was a gang member in Chicago when at age 15 he was shot and paralyzed. Now he's a regular at wheelchair racing events around the world, including the grueling Alaska wheelchair championships. He also speaks to children and youth in schools and other venues.

The Bowery Poetry Club
Serving the world... Poetry! Located in New York,
right across the street from the world famous CBGB's.

Mosaic Voice
Voices of peace, youth, and community.

Rock & Rap Confidential
The international crossroads where music and politics meet. Rap, Punk, Metal and more.

Network for Revolutionary Change
In the face of the deepening economic crisis and the growing consolidation of corporate rule over our social institutions and government, we seek to unify the scattered working class, peace, justice, and community-based struggles presently underway across the United States with the necessary strategy and tactics to finally win justice and liberty for all. We are proposing as a major first step a Network of practical leaders in collaboration with the hundreds of already existing groupings and thousands of individuals who understand the systemic nature of the problem and are fighting it out daily on diverse battlefronts.

Seven Stories
This small publishing house lives by the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson,
"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."

Harper Collins
One of the world's leading English-language publishers with headquarters in New York. A broad-based publisher with strengths in literary and commercial fiction, business books, children's books, cookbooks, mystery, romance, reference, religious and spiritual books.

Powerhouse Books
An avant-garde publisher of photography, art, and popular culture titles based in New York City.

Touchstone/Simon & Schuster
Simon & Schuster book publisher. The official site with books, book descriptions, and more.

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