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It Calls You Back: An Odyssey Through Love, Addiction, Revolutions, and Healing

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Touchstone Books/Simon & Schuster
ISBN 978-1-4165-8416-2

Music of the Mill
Publisher: Rayo
Release date 2005
ISBN: 0060560762

Always Running:
La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A.

Hardcover: 1993, Curbstone Press
ISBN 1-880684-06-3 Paperback: 1994
Touchstone Books/Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0-671-88231-7
Paperback Spanish version
ISBN 0-684-81551-6

My Nature is Hunger
Publisher: Rattle/Curbstone Edition
Release date 2005
ISBN: 9781931896245

The Republic Of East L.A.
Paperback Spanish version
LaRepublica de East LA
ISBN 0-06-001162-9
Distributor: HarperCollins
(phone) 1-800-242-7737
(individuals, schools, libraries)

The Republic of East L.A.
Rayo/HarperCollins; ISBN 0-06-621263-4
Distributor: HarperCollins
(phone) 1-800-242-7737
(individuals, schools, libraries)

The Concrete River
1991, Curbstone Press
ISBN 0-915306-42-5
Distributor: Consortium
(phone) 1-800-283-3572
It Doesn't Have To Be This Way:
A Barrio Story

1999, bilingual Children's Book ISBN 0-89239-161-8
Distributor: Children's Book Press, 415-821-3080
(individuals, schools, libraries)
Publishers Group West, (phone) 1-800-788-3123
(trade/retail market)
Hearts and Hands:
Creating Community in Violent Times

Paperback 2001, Seven Stories Press
ISBN 1-58322-263-4
Distributor: Seven Stories Press
(phone) 1-800-596-7437 (individuals, schools, libraries)
Publishers Group West
(phone) 1-800-788-3123 (trade/retail market)
(poetry) 1998, Curbstone Press
ISBN 1-880684-50-0
Distributor: Consortium
(phone) 1-800-283-3572
El Testimonio de un Pandillero en Los Angeles

1998, Spanish audiocassette
AudioLibros del Mundo, Inc. ISBN 1-892603-01-2
Distributor: AudioLibros del Mundo, Inc.
(phone) 1-877-372-8242
Poems Across the Pavement
(poetry) 1989, Tia Chucha Press
ISBN 0-9624287-0-1
Distributor: Northwestern Univ. Press
(phone) 1-800-621-2736
(in Chicago: 312-568-1550)
America Is Her Name
Children's Book, 1998, Curbstone Press
ISBN 1-880684-40-3
Spanish version
La llaman America
ISBN 1-880684-41-1
Distributor: Consortium
(phone) 1-800-283-3572
Other Works Featuring Luis J. Rodriguez

Contemporary Hispanic Americans:
Luis Rodriguez by Michael Schwartz

(biography) 1998 Steck-Vaughn
ISBN 0-8172-6879-0
Distributor: Steck-Vaughn Co.
(phone) 1-800-531-5015

East Side Stories:
Gang Life in East LA

Photographs by Joseph Rodriguez,
interview with Luis Rodriguez

(hardcover photo-essay book)
1998, powerHouse Books
ISBN 1-57687-002-2
paperback: ISBN 1-57687-072-3
Distributor: powerHouse Books
toll free #: 1-877-742-6657

Making Peace: Youth Struggling for Survival
(videocassette -profile #2) Making Peace television series, 1996
Moira Productions
Distributor: Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1-800-257-5126

Lannon Literary Videos: Luis J. Rodriguez
(videocassette -profile #31) 1992, Lannon Foundation (free to non-profit institutions) Distributor: Small Press Distribution Inc., 1-800-869-7553

Edited by Luis J. Rodriguez

Power Lines
Poetry Anthology 1999 Tia Chucha Press
ISBN 1882688228

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